Since the beginning of time stones have been used for medical purposes and to restore misaligned Chakras or clear negative energy. Also heat and fire have always played an important role in health therapies. The combination of these elements results in the Hot Stone massage, a thousand-year-old technique that is coming back to fame thanks to the American beauty farms that have recently re-discovered it. The Hot Stone massage finds its origin in two fundamental traditions: the Ayurvedic one and that of the indigenous people of Arizona. Its therapeutical effect is produced by the use of volcanic, basalt stones, sometimes collected from rivers like the Ganges; the stones slowly and evenly release their heat. Depending on the type of problem that needs treating, the action of the stones is accompanied by a suitable massage and the use of oils or aromas. Hot Stone massages help loosen the muscles, improve the flexibility of the joints and release the tension in the spine, which is the main cause of back pains. They decongest the lymphatic system, improve fluid retention and have a positive effect on arterial circulation and venous return. They help detox your body and fix your metabolism. They also have effects on your appearance, as they smoothen and relax your skin. Your mood and spirit will also benefit from them, since the Hot Stone technique produces a general feeling of well-being and relaxation, which will increase your positivity towards other people and the world. In addition to this, they help you have a better understanding of your body. According to the holistic approach, the stones can also be placed right on the Chakras in order to improve the flow of energy in the body. There are seven main Chakras, all regarded as wheels of life or doors of energy. The “Retuning” of a Chakra affects the flow of positive and negative energy, as well as a person's general mood.

Oltre che su parti doloranti o malate, le pietre possono essere, secondo la concezione olistica, appoggiate direttamente sui Chakra, per migliorare il flusso di energia all’interno del corpo. Considerati come ruote o porte di energia, I principali Chakra sono sette. “Risintonizzare” un Chakra influenza il flusso di energia, positiva e negativa, e influisce su particolari stati d’animo e aspetti della vita a cui lo specifico Chakra è correlato.

50 mins €150

N.B.: at the end of all holistic massages a hot wet towel is used to clean the oil off your body.