Two different types of massage inspired to the ancient Indian book of Kama Sutra, the most important guide to sex and sex-positions. These two massages originate from the desire to reproduce the different sex-positions present in the book by way of an holistic ritual. The person who is given the massage will perform an active role in the treatment, they will have to follow the instructions of the masseuse, who will tell them the various positions to assume during the massage. A series of dynamic treatments, different from classic massages, divided in two difficulty levels: Indian Massage: (intermediate level) a good flexibility of the body is required to assume some positions. Indian Massage: (high level) the person who is given the massage needs to have a strong and flexible body, and good balance to assume certain positions.

Lev. 2 - 60 mins shower included | 250€

Lev. 3 - 60 mins shower included | 300€