Kundalini Tantra massages begin with a ritual of welcome based on breathing techniques and the stimulation of the Chakras; the massage takes place on a futon as the tantric ritual is accompanied by relaxing ethnic music, candles, flowers and incense. The Kundalini Tantra massage does not leave any part of the body untreated, all chakras are indeed unblocked in order to intensify sexual energy, until the achievement of a psycho-physical well-being. This type of massage features a sensual stimulation of the body and of the skin by way of gentle movements and soft caresses. The Kundalini Tantra massage represents the uttermost expression of tantric rituals, nothing is left to chance, every technique and movement of Yoga and Ayurvedic tradition is performed, reawakening the most intimate feelings in the massaged body.


60 mins shower included | €200

75 mins shower included | €250