Californian massage is a 1970s invention, pioneered in the Esalen Institute, near San Francisco, California. It is the result of the development of a series of American therapies aimed to the liberation of a person's body, the expression of their feelings and the goal of achieving a global equilibrium; these massages were indeed linked to group therapies. In such a “new age” context the Californian massage technique was perfected and elevated to the status of professional practice, and in the 80s it became popular all over the world. This type of therapy saw the combination of Swedish and Native American techniques. Californian massages are soothing and relaxing, they tend to free a person's mind from tension and worries, helping people redirect their focus on their body. It is known as the KING of all massages, regarded as one of the most comforting and relaxing therapies for the body and for the mind; it is characterized by fluid, slow and well-paced movements, combining effleurages, pressures and frictions to help loosen your contracted muscles and make your joints more flexible; it also stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, improves your breathing, helps your digestive system and eliminates toxins, presenting positive effects to your brain as well.

50 mins €150

N.B.: at the end of all holistic massages a hot wet towel is used to clean the oil off your body.