It is a technique that dates back to an ancient era when massages began to be used for healing. Our ancestors understood that frictions and pressures could help stress and pain relief. As of today, in the Western world, it is one of the most popular techniques to release tension, to re-establish psychophysical equilibrium and increase body awareness. Which is why the massage can be performed in many different ways depending on the person and their condition. The relaxing massage is usually performed on the shoulders and on the lower part of the back, where muscle tension reaches its peak, but it can also be performed on feet, arms and hands to achieve total relaxation. The massage is given in an environment that favours physical and mental relaxation, with suffused lighting or candles: first you lie down on the massage table and then some oils or essences are poured on your body to favour skin rubbing and to diffuse a nice smell. The masseuse's hands alternate fluid movements and light pressures to release muscle tension and produce a sense of psycho-physical well-being. The result is a deep state of relaxation, as if you slept for a few hours; the body feels more flexible and blood flow is improved, providing a sensation of intense vitality.

30 mins €120

N.B.: at the end of all holistic massages a hot wet towel is used to clean the oil off your body.